Aikido School Of Lexington (at Georgetown)

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Requirements & Schedule

Class Schedule

  • Sun 5:00-6:00pm Beginner/Intermediate  
  • Sun 6:00-7:00pm Intermediate/Advanced
  • Wed 7:00-9:00pm Open

Classes are held at 140 1/2 South Broadway in Georgetown.

Students are encouraged to attend two classes a week, if possible. Less training, means slower progress, and more training increases the chances of injuries. But, class attendance is flexible.

If you are unsure if aikido is right for you after observing a class, we invite you to join us for two free classes in our Introductory Placement Program.

In town visiting guests are welcome as well! So far we've had visitors to train with us from Oaklahoma, Pennsylvania, and even as far away as Ireland, Japan and Holland!

Ryote Kotegaeshi
Ryote Irimi Nage (hula)
Tekubi Te Tori Ikkyo
Kata Tori Ikkyo
Munete Suki Ikkyo
Gyaku Te Tori Kotegaeshi
Kata dori Kotegaeshi
Munete Suki Kotegaeshi
Additonal Skills
Lead All Excercises
'Set Piece' Randori- Attack Called
Forward Roll (Standing)
Backward Roll (Standing)
Ikkyo Breakfall
Nikyo Breakfall
Kotegaeshi Breakfall
Shihonage Breakfall

Ryo Kata Tori Sankyo Nage
Shomen Uchi Ikkyo Irimi
Shomen Uchi Ikkyo Tenkan
Tekube Te Sinhonage irimi
Tekube Te Shihonage tenkan
Tekube Te Series
Shomenuchi Ikkyo Irimi and Counter
Tekube Te Tori Ikkyo to Kotegaeshi
Shomenuchi Kokyu Nage
Yokomenuchi Kokyu Nage
Mune Te Suki Irimi Nage (tight irimi)
Mune Te Suki Ikkyo B (Spinning In)
Tekubi Te Tori Nikyo & Back
Tekubi Te Ikkyo to Nikyo
Kata Tori Menuchi Nikyo
Additonal Skills
'Set Piece' Randori - Attack Signaled

Sankyo (to face down arm compliance)
Ushiro Kata Te Tori Sankyo and Counter
Gyaku Te Tori Sankyo/Back Throw Takedown
Kate Tori Ikkyo To Sankyo/Standing Compliance
Ushiro Kata Te Kokyu Nage A
Ushiro Kata Te Kokyu Nage B
Ryo Te Shihonage (Reverse Kotegaeshi)
Gyaku Te Tori Tenchi Nage
Junte Te Tori Shihonage
Kate Tori Shihonage
Junte Te Tori Ikkyo (Scoop)
Tekubi Te Tori Nikyo (Shortcut) & Irimi
Gyaku Te Tori Nikyo (Shortcut) & Side
Ryo Kata Tori Nikyo (Full Ground Compliance)
Munete Suki Ikkyo (Spinning out)
Additonal Skills
1 Man Blind Folded Randori - grasps only

Tekubi Te Tori Ikkyo (backfist)
Shomen Uchi Kote Gaeshi
Ryo Kata Tori Kokyu Nage (90 Pivot)
Ushiro Kata Te Tori Irimi Nage
Yokomen Uchi Kote Gaeshi
Tekubi Te Tori Tenchi Nage
Tekubi Te Tori Sumi Otoshi
Munete Suki Kokyu Nage (B)
Gyaku Te Tori Kokyu Nage
Ushiro Dori (High) Rear Attack Throw
Ushiro Ryo Kata Tori Irimi Nage
Kata Tori Menuchi Irimi Nage
Ushiro Double Arm Kokyo Nage
Mune Te Suki Kokyu Nage (A)
Tekubi Te Tori Kaiten Nage (Irimi)
Additonal Skills
1 Man Randori

Yokomen Uchi Shihonage
Gyaku Te Tori Kote Gaeshi Irimi
Ryo Kata Tori Irimi Nage (hula)
Fingers - Gyaku Down
Fingers - Gyaku Sankyo to back throw
Fingers - Handshake Extension
Fingers - Tekubi Up Extension
Fingers - Handshake Sankyo
Munete Suki Kaiten Nage
Ryo Te Tenchi Nage Irimi
Ryo Te Tenchi Nage Tenkan
Shomen Uchi Kaiten Nage
Te Suki Irime Nage
Tekubi Te Tori Kokyu Nage A
Shomen Uchi Sankyo/Irimi Compliance
Additonal Skills
Two Man Randori

Ushiro Hiji-dori Kote Gaeshi
Yokomen Uchi Kote Gaeshi (Advanced Tenkan)
Yokomen Uchi Kokyu Nage (Advanced Tenkan
Tekubi Te Tori Kaiten Nage (scoop)
Ryo Kata Tori Tenchi Nage
Ushiro Kata Te (Cobra)
Ushiro Kubi-Shime 16
Yokomen Uchi Kokyu Nage - Advanced Tenkan
Tekubi Te Tori Tenchi Nage Irimi
Junte Te Tori Number 22
Ryo Kata Tori Kokyo Nage (Straight & Dynamic)
Gyaku Te Tori Kokyu Nage - Tenkan
Tekubi Te Tori Kokyu Nage - Passing Under
Ushiro Kubi-Shime Sankyo (lead hand)/Tenkan Compliance
Ushiro Kubi-Shime Sankyo(choke hand)/Spinning Compliance
Additonal Skills
Three Man Randori (ground take downs allowed)

Munete Suki Tin Chi Nage (On Same Arm)
Munete Suki Irimi Naga
Roi Te Kokyu Nage
Shomen Uchi Yankyo (Crossing Under)
Ushiro Dori (Bear Hug Rear Attack Throw w/ Elbow Trap)
Kata Tori Menuchi 16 - Irimi
Kata Tori Menuchi 16 - Tenkan
Ryo Kata Tori Kokyo Nage
Ushiro Kubi-Shime Ju-Ju Nage
Yokomen Uchi Sumi-Otoshi
Yokomen Uchi Koshi Nage
Gyaku Te Tori Ki Shihonage
Tekubi Te Tori Kokyu Nage
Gyaku Te Tori Kokyu Nage
Kokyo Dosa Tin Chi Nage
Additonal Skills
Four Man Randori (ground take downs allowed)

All techniques are required for the yellow belt,
then for the remaining belts 12 of the 15 are tested.

Note that in some cases, different techniques may
have the same name and distinction is not made here.